Mi Drone : A 4K UHD Drone at $456

Chinese Tech Gaint Xiaomi’s latest gadget is not a new smartphone or accessory, rather the company has come up with an all new Mi Drone. This is not the first time the company is experimenting with these crazy (rather awesome) gadgets. Remember Mi USB Fans and Lights?

Here’s an introductory video on Mi Drone:


The drone is provided with a 17.4 Volts, 5,100 mAh battery, which will ensure that it is continuously in air for upto 27 minutes, which is pretty good as compared to other drones available in the market.
[](https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-BF39DAAW5s0/V0delOLskOI/AAAAAAAAAJc/aZWboOwLE5wBLLWAKlODo1_4ymsc6B7qACLcB/s1600/76_2000_550.jpg)Source: en.miui.com


Mi Drone comes with a 4K Ultra HD camera having 104° wide angle lens, which supports recording of stills in RAW format at a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. The Mi Drone can record 720p live videos in low latency from up to 2km distance.
[](https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-iN9frNC7m44/V0devMQWCMI/AAAAAAAAAJg/MWXwn2xYGlsfYTFvrEoTx5l8iDGXUNj6gCKgB/s1600/78_2000_550.jpg)Source: en.miui.com
[](https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-ebpPYTfwzqM/V0deywJIoUI/AAAAAAAAAJk/CNJtrBPQh1U8kaO-xRf5md7AugqGl4I7wCKgB/s1600/79_2000_550.jpg)Source: en.miui.com


For navigation and positioning, it depends on both GPS as well GLONASS technology. The Drone comes with advanced autopilot functions such as automatic landing and takeoff, autopilot through the waypoint on the map, circle any object on ground and all. Whenever the Drone detects a no flying zone, it'll automatically hover over the edge of that zone. It also intelligently detects low battery and automatically flies round back to home, thus avoiding any sort of accidental crash that may occur after it's battery runs out.
[](https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-xKA7EhxOTSE/V0dfEkG4UII/AAAAAAAAAJ0/qeqRFWfkiaEU1UfdhaD2WRt0dtC-fv01wCKgB/s1600/72_2000_550.jpg)Source: en.miui.com
[](https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-OKM9Kp1H_Rc/V0de8zgaM3I/AAAAAAAAAJs/oIF2UyvIMRsw2iaqG_SkWdCuW0QyZAKLQCKgB/s1600/87_2000_550.jpg)Source: en.miui.com


The Drone is actually a quadcopter, that means it has a 4-propeller flying system. The Drone has a very light weight and modular design, and as told before is detachable and can be easily transported when not in use.
[](https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-198oVbHoEsM/V0dfIl1XVZI/AAAAAAAAAJ8/D3PMMg6bPU8njtNo8ivOac1StcTnRW1twCKgB/s1600/82_2000_550.jpg)Source: en.miui.com


The Drone comes in two different variants, one with a 1080p Camera costing about $380, and the other one with 4K UHD Camera with a price tag of $456.
[](https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-ynNRzf9QoeI/V0dfLaLTWyI/AAAAAAAAAKA/Bh2-QekhUPgMU0rU3guL8k4uYs_ygO4NQCKgB/s1600/88_2000_550.jpg)Source: en.miui.com
Written on May 26, 2016