Google's Hidden Easter Eggs

For what stuffs do you use Google? You might say for searching the internet, or using its email services. But what I say? I say that I use Google for showing me a full fledged barrel roll, or to flip me a coin. Really.. If you don’t believe me then Google for “do a barrel roll”. See? It works like charm. If you want to know some more funny tricks then continue reading.

1.Do A Barrel Roll

Okay, so this one’s a common one. But I’m still sure that many people don’t know that your Google homepage can do a barrel roll. To watch this in action, simply go to Google homepage and type in “Do a Barrel Roll” and hell yeah! The search result page will do a barrel roll for you. You can even ask Google to repeat this action an n number of times. Simply specify the ‘number of times’ you want Google to do the Barrel Roll and it’ll repeat it for you.



Askew means "not in a straight position" or "tilted". So when you search for "[Askew](" in Google, it'll provide you the search results page in an Askew form. Cool! Right? The search results page would be tilted some degrees to the right. And this thing gives a darn good effect to your results page. You can also see this effect whenever you search for the keyword "tilt".


If you are a programmer, you probably know what "recursion" means. Recursion simply means recalling the same function within itself. In programming, a function would call itself every time it's invoked until and unless an exit condition is justified. The similar effect/approach can be seen when ever you search for "[recursion](" in Google. As a part of next logical step, Google will ask : "Did you mean: recursion?" every time you search for recursion.

4.Zerg Rush

What happens if you type "[Zerg Rush](" in the Google search bar and hit Enter? the answer's simple, your search result page is attacked by 'o' shaped zergs, trying to eat up your results page. Zerg Rush was actually originated as a tactics in strategic video game Starcraft, which meant to clean sweep a whole lot of low level group using surrounded attacks from the attacker. So "Zerg Rush" is actually a mini game within the result page, in which your goal is to survive the attack by destroying the incoming "o" shaped zergs. You can do that by clicking the "O'' three times.

5.Google Gravity

Remember Physics classes? Everything that goes up comes down. Looks like that's the case with Google too. Type "[Google Gravity](" and hit "I'm feeling lucky". This will take you to a page looking similar to Google homepage. But wait! Looks like everything is falling down. See Gravity is everwhere, even on Google's homepage.

And A lot more..

So this was a list of few popular easter eggs by Google. There's a whole bunch of other eye candy easter eggs provided by Google (actually others). One such page is [Google Mirror]( Every time you find some new easter eggs surprise keyword and hit "I'm feeling lucky", Google forwards you to one of the sites like Google Mirror. If you feel any other such feature to be mentioned on the list, do drop your comments below.
Written on February 5, 2017