Mi Band 2 Released, has now OLED display.

After a quite successful penetration of Xiaomi’s fitness bands in Indian and other Asian market, the company has now recently launched the second generation of Mi Band, the Mi Band 2.

The new Mi Band 2 now comes with an OLED display, which can display the time, number of footsteps, your heart beat rate, distance walked, calories burned, battery information and several other data. The display is scratch resistant and has anti fingerprint property. This addition of OLED display is a major advantage over the previous generation of Mi Band, as one now can directly track data from the screen itself without opening the Mi Fitness app.
The new Mi Band 2 also comes with Bluetooth 4.0 for faster and more stable connectivity. The band comes with a 70mAh battery and the display is quite battery efficient, enabling your Mi Band 2 to track your fitness data for continuous 20 days. The strap of the new Mi Band 2 is much more comfortable than previous model, made of skin friendly thermosetting polymer. Unlike the previous Mi Band 2, the new strap is much more durable and also holds the main capsule more firmly than previous one. Mi Band 2 monitors your sleeping pattern and analyses whether your sleep is light or deep. The band is approved for IP67 water resistant, meaning no worries for using it under water. Some other features include automatic phone unlock, vibration alert for calls, messages, alarms and notifications.
The Mi Band 2 costs $23, which roughly converts to ₹1380 in Indian currency, which is a decent price for such great specs in a fitness band, compared to everyone's favourite fitness band FitBit. It'll be available for sale from 7th June, 2016 in mainland China.
Written on June 3, 2016